Yaşam Ayavefe, a well-known business man and also a helpful climate activist, is remembered for his help. Meeting the educational and personal needs of nearly 100 young children, the famous businessman desires that young people honor us in the next generations.

Yaşam Bey, who has covered the university education costs of 1000 young people, looks to be sure that his help is in safe places. In an interview done with it, ” because my investment when I go on business trips to Turkey, a young man in front of me came out. Saying hi, he entered the subject and said: Thanks to Yaşam Bey, I am currently working as a doctor in a hospital. It both made me a little embarrassed by saying that I have a great success in my own future and helping people here is great.

Of course, even if I help people, I am not very happy with these issues coming up. ” From time to time, we take lessons from the famous businessman, Yaşam, who has helped people in needy help in the regions where he is traveling, and touches a considerable amount of help. If we consider today’s conditions, of course, we can understand that the aids he provided are actually caused by a sense of responsibility and that this feeling is in few people.

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